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THE SILVER OAK TIMES - December Edition - SOIS Newsletter

Step into the vibrant core of our school's ever-evolving narrative with the latest edition of the SOIS Newsletter. Embark on a journey through compelling stories, extraordinary accomplishments, and the lively essence that defines our closely-knit school community.

🌟 Student Spotlights: Revel in the brilliance of our students as we showcase their outstanding achievements and talents, adding a radiant glow to the essence of our school.

🍎 Teacher's Corner: Immerse yourself in the wisdom and dedication shared by our passionate educators, offering a peek into their impactful work and the commitment they bring to shaping our students' lives.

📰 News in Focus: Dive into the headlines capturing our school's triumphs and standout stories, echoing the pride resonating within our community as featured in local newspapers.

📚 Academic Insights: Embrace the diverse and enriching learning experiences our students embark upon, underscoring our dedication to holistic education.

🏆 Milestones & Celebrations: Join us in commemorating the noteworthy achievements that mark the milestones of the Silver Oak International School journey.

Click the link below to access and download the newsletter.

Download PDF • 2.78MB

 Explore SOIS: Immerse yourself in the heartbeat of Silver Oak International School. Our newsletter unfolds the vibrant tapestry of stories, triumphs, and shared moments that define our dedicated students, nurturing teachers, and supportive community.

As we bid farewell to an extraordinary year, join us in savoring the highlights and anticipating the magic that lies ahead. Cheers to the amazing journey we've had!

🔍 #DiscoverTheDifference: As we open our doors to new possibilities, we invite parents to witness the unique educational experience that sets Silver Oak International School apart.

Embark on a journey like no other with our exclusive #DiscoverTheDifference campaign.

👉 Explore the exceptional features that make SOIS a beacon of transformative learning.

👉 Delve into the vibrant community that fosters individual growth and holistic development. 👉 Join hands with us in shaping a future where every child thrives academically and beyond.

For admissions/ inquiries -

Contact : 9011021020

Address : Plot 64, Tarna Road, Bhapsi, Umred, District Nagpur

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