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Our School

At S.O.I.S. the education pattern is designed to be stress-free for all children which makes learning a fun filled process. Personality Development and developing Core Competence of our students are the two predominant concepts at the heart of our philosophy. We challenge the students to think rationally and critically and encourage them to push boundaries as they are exposed to various opportunities and challenges in their life. 

Along with academic excellence  we also develop communication skills, values, thinking skills, attitudes and many more qualities which are necessary today to survive the competition and, at the same time, become a better human being. This learning system gives our children an edge in becoming a successful global citizen with the right values and discipline, both in thinking and in action.

The skills and competencies required today cannot be developed overnight. These have to be laboriously and elaborately developed over the years.


The teaching-learning pattern at S.O.I.S. is focussed on developing core competence through carefully planned activities and syllabus. This makes our children confident and well-equipped to face the challenges of the future.

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Director's Welcome

Every child is unique and we as educators need to understand this and create an environment where the child maintains his uniqueness and excels by optimising the inherent potential to the optimum. Pen is mightier than sword and so is wisdom mightier than just knowledge. Our director believes in the constant need to educate ourselves.

Basholi Chadha - Founder and Director of SOIS has a different perspective towards education. She teaches her students to follow their passion and dream BIG. What makes her ideology different is the fact that she has built SOIS in and around nature, for children to have direct contact with living beings and learn new things everyday, which also makes SOIS one of the best schools in Umred.

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School Philosophy

Quality education and our students’ progression is the best confirmation of our success. This is why Silver Oak International School’s primary motivation and mission is to help its students become citizens of the world whose knowledge, ideas and actions will make them successful people and role models for future generations.

Quality education as the key to success gives us the ability to properly perceive the world around us, to make the right decisions and to use our opportunities in the best possible way. This is why our mission is to give our students strength and wisdom to change the world for the better through their decisions.

Having a vision that our school is a place where new ideas are born, talents nourished and knowledge improved, we would like to encourage our students and parents to join us in our common efforts and share with us the joy of success.

Vision & Values

  • Respect

  • Responsibility

  • Integrity

  • Compassion

  • Courage

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