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Silver Oak International School welcomes all learners who identify with the vision, mission and philosophy of the school as part of its family. Learners are eligible for admission to SOIS only if they satisfy the school’s age eligibility criteria. Admission into the educational programme at each grade level is therefore based on each learner’s age. 

SOIS offers a well-rounded educational experience focusing on the holistic development of every student by inculcating a wide array of sports, performing arts, extra-curricular activities, and special events along with the academic curriculum. Our objective is to impart knowledge by inducing an enthusiasm to learn among the students, and encouraging them to apply their creativity to go beyond the boundaries of conventional learning. We emphasise on the individual qualities of every student, and work towards combining their personal abilities with the learning methodology at the schools.

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How to Apply

  • Step 1 : Click the box above and fill in the online admission form.

  • Step 2 : Upload all the required documents in the admission form.

  • Step 3 : Make payment of the admission fees at given bank details in the form.

  • Step 4 : Submit the completed online application form.

  • Step 5 : You will receive the receipt of admission fees on the email address provided by you.

  • Step 6 : Once all your documents are verified, you will receive a letter of acceptance at the email address provided by you.

  • Step 7 : You will be required to pay the 1st Quarter fees before the deadline (15th June is the deadline every year for the fist instalment).
    For fee Structure and breakdown click here.

  • Step 8 : After payment of the first quarter fees, you will receive the payment receipt along with admission confirmation on the email address provided by you. An admission kit will also be delivered to your residential address or you can also collect it from the school.

NOTE : You can also choose to pay the entire annual fees before the first instalment deadline and avail a 5% discount on the total annual fees.


  • How far is the School from city center ?
    Silver Oak International School is situated in a lush green campus amidst nature which is 5.2 kilometers or about 10 minutes away from the city center.
  • What is Activity Based Learning ?
    Activity-Based Learning is a type of teaching where children learn at their own pace through various supervised activities. It is a more interactive and engaging method of teaching children. It allows for monitoring factors such as coordination, speech, motor skills and social skills amongst other important factors.
  • What board is your school affiliated to ?
    Silver Oak International School is affiliated to CBSE Board and it's affiliation number is 1130807.
  • What are some special activities offered at your school ?
    Some unique activities offered at S.O.I.S. include : 1) 21st Century Learning. 2) Acting and Theatre. 3) Music and Dance in partnerships with some international programs. 4) Horse riding and Archery. 5) Culinary arts. 6) Foreign Language. 7) Educational trips to different cities.
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