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THE SILVER OAK TIMES - October Edition - SOIS Newsletter

Welcome to the heart of our school's dynamic journey—our latest SOIS Newsletter. Unveiling a tapestry of captivating narratives, exceptional achievements, and the resounding spirit of our school community.

SOIS Newsletter Creative
October SOIS Newsletter

🌟 Student Showcases: Witness the brilliance of our students as we celebrate their remarkable accomplishments and talents that make our school shine.

🍎 Teacher's Corners: Step into the insights and expertise shared by our passionate educators, providing a glimpse into their inspiring work and the dedication they bring to our students' lives.

📰 News Highlights: Explore the headlines featuring our school's achievements and standout stories, echoing the pride of our community in local newspapers.

📚 Academic Insights: Embrace the diverse and immersive learning experiences our students undertake, reflecting our commitment to holistic education.

🏆 Milestones & Celebrations: Join us in commemorating the remarkable achievements that define the Silver Oak International School journey.

Click the link below to download the newsletter.

SOIS Newsletter - October
Download PDF • 10.51MB

The pages of our newsletter encapsulate the heartbeat of our school—where each story, achievement, and shared experience represents the thriving essence of our dedicated students, nurturing teachers, and supportive community.

Come, be a part of our school's vibrant narrative and explore the amazing experiences that shape our journey at Silver Oak International School. Your journey through our newsletter awaits, filled with stories of dedication, success, and the boundless spirit of our community.

For admissions/ inquiries -

Contact : 9011021020

Address : Plot 64, Tarna Road, Bhapsi, Umred, District Nagpur

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